Refuge Cazzaniga Merlini

   Mt. 1890

The hut is located above the Artavaggio Plans and it is a stoppoint of trail 101 of the West Orobie. It is located in a particularly scenic location, and with its characteristic octagonal structure allows you to have a 360- degrees view of the surrounding landscape from the Orobie to the Appennine with the east side of the Grigne in the foreground. from the vicinity you can also admire the Retic Alps and the Lace of the Three Gentlemen. In the summer months, neare the refuge, you can watch the processing and production of cheese. 
The hut is open all year round; from 15/06 to15/09 it is open daily, from early December to the end of April (excluding christmas and St. Stephen's days) as well as on weekends we are also open on Wednesdays, Thursadays and all holidays. For other days please contact us  
  From Moggio trail 24
Time: 03:00  altitude difference: 1000t
Tipe: Hiker 
Risultati immagini per disegno bicicletta From Valtorta trails 103 and 103a
Time: 03:00  altitude difference: 1000mt
Tipe: Hiker
 From Valtaleggio trails 120 and 101
Time: 02:50  altitude difference: 900mt
Tipe: Hiker
Risultati immagini per disegno biciclettafrom Valtaleggio loc. Bonetto
Time: 03:00 altitude difference: 900mt
Tipe: Hiker
Risultati immagini per disegno bicicletta From Culmine Di San Pietro
Time: 02:30  altitude difference: 650mt
Segno e simbolo di vettore dell icona della cabina della cabina di funivia isolati sulle sedere bianche  Loc. Moggio then 40/50 min by walk
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